Apr 5 | 2017

Introducing a Better Way to Sell Homes

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17-119_SM_CRH_BlogPost_03-17_2XCertified Resale Home launches in Ontario

Owning a home is the largest financial commitment most Canadians will make, so it’s understandable that both the buyer and the seller will approach a transaction with caution. In an effort to alleviate some of the stress involved, FCT partnered with AmeriSpec Inspection Services to create Certified Resale Home (CRH).

CRH is a simple, cost-effective way to differentiate your listing in the market and reduce anxiety for the seller and the buyer. It includes a pre-listing home inspection combined with a $20,000 18-month warranty* on key components of the home, such as the cooling and heating systems, roof and foundation. The inspection provides an impartial, honest and expert assessment of the home backed by a warranty on items that are considered ‘blind spots’ for a home inspector.

After spending a number of years testing the waters and gathering key customer feedback, we are proud to launch Certified Resale Home throughout Ontario. This service leverages FCT’s core competencies of process optimization, risk management and customer experience.

In today’s hot market, when buyers are going in with no conditions, you might be wondering why this product is even relevant.

Here’s how it helps all parties:


  • Provides a superior full-service listing experience
  • Enhances client satisfaction and generates referrals
  • Offers a proactive approach to handling issues for the client
  • Closes listings faster


  • Gets the best possible offers faster
  • Provides detailed information on the home before listing to avoid surprises that can kill the deal
  • Differentiates the property to make it stand out
  • Removes the probability of a condition of sale


  • Reduces anxiety and promotes a cleaner offer
  • Reduces the “Buyer Beware” mentality
  • Builds trust by offering information through two leading brands – FCT and AmeriSpec Inspection Services
  • Optimized for a multiple offer scenario

For more information on our brand new offering, visit thecertifiedresalehome.ca

*Assumes standard inspection and warranty coverage. Optional swimming pool equipment coverage is an additional $30; optional septic tank system coverage is an additional $20. The warranty commences the day of the inspection, applies during the listing and transfers automatically to the buyer on closing.

Warranty Services by First Canadian Title Company Limited
® Registered Trademark of AmeriSpec Inspection Services.

May 31 | 2016

Preparing your home for sale: A checklist for helping you stand out and sell faster

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real estateCompetition can be fierce in the real estate market. So how do you make sure your home is the one that gets attention and gets sold? Well, a lot of factors come into play that are beyond a homeowner’s control, such as current market conditions and regulatory environment. That being said, there are a lot of things that a homeowner can control to maximize opportunity and profit. Here is a quick list to help you make the most of your selling experience before you even put your home up for sale:

  • Do some research to determine your home-selling strategy and ask yourself: Is now the best time to sell from both an emotional and a marketability perspective? How much do I want/need to get in terms of a selling price?
  • Prepare yourself emotionally to have people in your home. Potential buyers will be scrutinizing your living space — and you need to be ready for the feedback, both positive and negative.
  • Locate paperwork that will answer potential buyers’ questions such as utility bills, tax bills, warranties, renovation dates and invoices, property surveys and so on.
  • Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and do a thorough walk-through, critiquing your home from their perspective. Making a few small touch-ups and repairs can make a big impression.
  • Clean, declutter and depersonalize your home so that prospective buyers don’t get distracted from its features. For a complete listing of areas to consider when making your home look its best, click here.
  • Maximize curb appeal to create a powerful first impression that draws prospective buyers. Here are some good ideas to make your home inviting as suggested by MoneyTalksNews.com.
  • Enlist the help of an experienced, certified and trusted home inspector like AmeriSpec® Inspection Services. By understanding what repairs — both minor and major — your home needs, you can get in front of potential conditions that can slow or derail a sale altogether.
  • Interview several realtors before selecting one to represent you and your listing. It is important to choose one that specializes in your particular area and type of home; one that has a solid reputation and valid credentials; and one that comes recommended. Howrealtorshelp.ca offers 10 questions you should consider asking potential candidates.

By preparing yourself and your home with these simple yet effective tips, you’re well on your way to ensuring a better, faster closing experience.

Do you have any additional tips for preparing a home for sale? Feel free to share by commenting below.  And be sure to visit thecertifiedresalehome.ca for more information on how to put this innovative service offering to work for you.